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Forum Implantologicum



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Forum Implantologicum 13 (2017), Nr. 2     4. Dez. 2017
Forum Implantologicum 13 (2017), Nr. 2  (04.12.2017)

Seite 112-117, Sprache: Englisch

The Status of Continuing Professional Development in Implant Dentistry for the General Dentist in Europe
Webersberger, Ulrike S. / Mattheos, Nikos
In Europe, there is enormous diversity in regard to undergraduate and postgraduate dental education programs. As the increasing demand for implant-based therapies requires educational opportunities associated with implant dentistry, it is necessary for the general dentist to find postgraduate dental courses tailored to the individual needs of the practitioner that are also applicable to their dental practice. Continuing professional development (CPD) courses are now accepted as an essential activity for dentists to maintain clinical skills and stay up to date with new developments in dentistry. There is a huge range of CPD courses provided in implant dentistry ranging from 1-day industrydriven product training to full-time implant dentistry training programs and long-term university-based curricula. As implant therapy involves many levels of complexity, CPD in implant dentistry can have many "points of entry" and dentists should be able to define their own learning objectives, depending on the level of practice they wish to achieve. To this end, personal development planning (PDP) is an essential tool to help dentists identify their learning objectives and derive greater benefit from their CPD by selecting the appropriate learning strategy and courses. Therefore, clearly defined educational objectives have to be set for each level of competence. This will help in the long term to develop a structured and regulated CPD curriculum in implant dentistry, at least at a national level.

Schlagwörter: Continuing professional development (CPD), implant dentistry, postgraduate dental education, general dentist
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