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Forum Implantologicum



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Forum Implantologicum 13 (2017), Nr. 2     4. Dez. 2017
Forum Implantologicum 13 (2017), Nr. 2  (04.12.2017)

Seite 118-125, Sprache: Englisch

The Case for Online Education in Implant Dentistry
Stilwell, Charlotte
Implant therapy is a well-established treatment modality but global provision is still limited. As an invasive procedure, it is not without potential risk to the patient. New providers should therefore receive comprehensive education from the outset. The fastest growing group of providers are general dental practitioners who have to fit education in around their working hours in daytime practice. Online education offers flexibility with global access 24/7 to the didactic elements of implant dentistry and with options of different formats to suit different learning styles and preferences. Amongst the increasing amount of implant information on offer online, a high quality online education offering will stand out by its evidence-based and peer-reviewed content, predetermined learning outcomes and mapping to recognized learner levels. Online education should therefore clearly convey for whom it is intended, why its mode of delivery is helpful, what the user can and cannot expect from it and how the content is presented and structured. Implant therapy by default requires hands-on clinical training and online education should also supply examples of where it can be readily combined with blended learning programs that offer the structured, contact element of teaching in a clinical setting.

Schlagwörter: Implant dentistry, online education, continuous professional development, undergraduate, postgraduate, dental team
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