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Forum Implantologicum



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Forum Implantologicum 15 (2019), Nr. 2     20. Nov. 2019
Forum Implantologicum 15 (2019), Nr. 2  (20.11.2019)

Seite 102-109, Sprache: Englisch

Variables Affecting the Accuracy of Static Computer-Assisted Implant Surgery: Bridging the Gap Between Clinical Success and Broad Application
El Kholy, Karim / Janner, Simone F. M. / Buser, Ramona / Buser, Daniel
Over the past decade, the use of digital technology in implant treatment planning and static computer-assisted implant surgery (sCAIS) has revolutionized the planning and execution of guided implant surgeries. However, the predictability of achieving a high degree of accuracy when using a digital workflow and sCAIS has been a subject of debate. For sCAIS procedures to transition from clinical success in individual cases to a broadly applicable procedure, a better understanding and control of variables that affect their accuracy is essential. Recently, a research team in the Department of Oral Surgery and Stomatology at the University of Bern launched a series of in-vitro investigations to further analyze the impact and magnitude of potential variables involved in the digital treatment planning of sCAIS procedures that can have a significant effect on the accuracy of sCAIS. This article presents the rationale and summary of their findings.

Schlagwörter: Computer-assisted, implant surgery, guided surgery, surgical guides
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